Every day Olivier Cattiaux presents initiatives in the region, people who make us proud. Today we are with Thomas Fenaux, 23-year-old marnais passionate about agriculture. He promotes these trades through […]

Just before dawn, fishermen from the trawler The Good Fellowship cast their nets in the icy and swirling waters of the North Sea, off the northeast coast of England, hoping […]

Good news! France still attracts foreign investors.   Its industrial appeal even places it at the top of European countries, revealed on Monday a survey by the EY firm, even […]

Amazon Now Worth Over $500 Billion Not a lot of companies in the history of the world can make the boast that they’re worth half a trillion dollars or the […]

Facebook profits and earnings jumped in the latest quarter, as marketing dollars poured into the social networking business and consumers chose to flock to the website. Over two billion people […]

Puma Creating Worlds First Intelligent Warehouse   In another example of the highly competitive world of sporting apparel manufacturing and distribution, the multinational manufacturer of athletic and casual clothing, PUMA, has […]

Solar Shading Solutions

Solar gain, in simple terms, is a gain in temperature or heat levels which is caused by sunlight, in buildings and other similar enclosed structures.  Walls and roofs will conduct […]

Is The Motorcycle Industry Is Dying? As ageing addicts hang their leathers, Harley-Davidson, Honda and the rest of the motorcycle industry pin their hopes on smaller, affordable bicycles for a […]

Over 7,000 jobs have been secured at Rolls Royce when the company announced its biggest single investment in the UK for over 100 years. The aircraft engine giant said it […]

mcdonalds and uber

McDonald’s Trials Home Delivery With Uber Is this the moment fast food junkies have been waiting for, and also a development that may help soothe a million hangovers? McDonald’s has […]