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  • Year founded: 1995
  • Address Global House, Unit 17, Burnt Mill Industrial Estate, Elizabeth Way Harlow ,Essex CM20 2HS United Kingdom
  • Categories: General Industry
Can you see your industry below?? Rest assured that even if you can’t fit your company into any of the below categories, we will almost certainly have worked in environments like your own and are able to tailor our systems to your needs. Filtrex has been able to provide a large variety of solutions to a range of industries, including the following: Food Industry Filtrex has worked in this area for many years, and we are very familiar with the shutdown procedures and emphasis on food hygiene, where regular cleaning programs and stainless steel ductwork is the norm. Solutions include: high level extract units designed to allow the customers to change the filters from the floor, saving many thousands on cherry picker hire and labour costs; working around production, both at weekends and at nights and on countless dust extraction installations; and internally located stainless steel extraction units with HEPA filtration. Industry We understand the responsibility placed on industrial companies to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their workforce, care for the environment and comply with ever-increasing legislation. To meet these requirements, we respond with innovative solutions including high quality filtration elements for all aspects of filtration; site-specific design and installation of air extraction systems for the removal of unwanted contaminants; and personal air monitoring to ensure employees are not operating in a harmful environment. Commercial Buildings Indoor Air Quality is becoming increasingly important as we spend more of our time indoors. In commercial and public buildings, a high IAQ level is maintained by high quality air filters and regular system inspections. Filtrex provides innovative solutions to achieve this, including high quality ventilation filters; system decontamination and ductwork cleaning; plant maintenance; and site-specific design and installation of ventilation and air handling systems. We work in many public and commercial buildings including: shopping centres, universities, government buildings and hotels; developing long-term relationships with major organisations based on our technical expertise and outstanding customer service. We provide a comprehensive range of filtration and air hygiene products and services, all backed with over six decades of experience. Pharmaceutical Industry Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Filtrex is strong in this area, with the complications of stainless steel and PVC ductwork which we are more than familiar with. Solutions include; carbon filtering on critical applications where the EHO had put restrictions on the site stating it should close if these restrictions were not adhered to; manufacture of several high grade stainless steel systems where the corrosive nature of the contaminants being controlled demanded it; Many fume cupboard installations in complex existing lab areas. Large cartridge dust extractor Woodworking Such systems installed by Filtrex have required higher velocities to carry the heavier / larger particles, and often required strengthened filter material to prevent breakthrough. Modular-Air-Handling-UnitSteam Extract Another area where Filtrex have worked to improve working conditions for site operatives. Working with high volumes of steam can create unpleasant working conditions which Filtrex’s stainless steel extraction systems provide a popular solution to. Odour extract system 2Kitchen Extract Whilst providing many kitchen extract installations over the years, where we particularly stand out is in the use of our carbon extract installations, at times removing up to 99% of the odour in the air. Hospitals For overstretched maintenance staff in busy hospitals, efficiency is key to a well-run department. When it comes to purchase, delivery, installation and disposal of filter elements, Filtrex can streamline the process to make the task easier. We also understand that patient safety is paramount and therefore, the importance of keeping facilities free from contamination and maintaining hygiene levels. To meet these challenges we respond with innovative solutions including high quality filtration elements packed and labelled for specific areas; consignment stockholding for just-in-time delivery; and HEPA filter installation and testing. Power Generation We understand the critical role filtration plays in the power generation industry. Whether it’s protecting valuable equipment from damage due to airborne pollutants or protecting the environment from pollutants, Filtrex provides a comprehensive range of filtration products specifically designed for power generation applications.