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4 Reasons To Stop What You’re Doing & Fix Your Outdated Website.

We’ve all been on a website that we’ve instantly turned our nose up at. Whether it was because it simply didn’t work, you couldn’t find the service or product you were looking for or it was designed so badly it made you question the quality of business using it.

Whichever reason it was, it most likely all resulted in one thing – You leaving the site, and I guarantee you wouldn’t have been alone in your quick retreat back to Google.

The fact is, a professional website can make or break a business so if you’re still on the fence, here’s 4 pretty bid reasons why you shouldn’t be complacent any longer and start thinking of your website as a well-oiled machine, not a burden.


First Impressions Matter

We’re all brought up being taught the importance of first impressions of ourselves, but for many business owners, it seems they believe the buck stops with them.

Often your business is an extension of you, and first impressions still matter massively for a business. Whether you’re a landscaper, piano teacher or engineering firm, it’s critical that you portray both yourself and your business in a professional way.

In the 21st century, what’s the first thing people tend to look at first when evaluating your business? Your website. If people can clearly see that it’s not been updated for 10 years, what does that tell them about you and the work you do?

Your website is most likely the first impression people will have of your business so you must make it count. If you don’t, the other 9 results on the first page of Google likely will.

The impression that your website gives off will mean the difference between getting a customer enquiry and not, don’t let poor having website lose you customers month in and month out. Invest the money into hiring a professional web designer or agency to ensure you get a website that not only looks great but also performs great.


You Are The Image You Portray

The feel, tone & branding of your website says a lot about your business. Whether that be luxury, budget, child-friendly, corporate… it’s not important as long as it matches what you offer.

Most people are very internet savvy now, which means you’ll struggle to sell luxury products & services on a tacky website. Even if you know you offer the best piano teaching services in a 30-mile radius, if your website doesn’t reflect the same quality and tone of the rest of your business then people won’t believe it.

A website needs to be planned properly to work hard, selling yourself or your business & what you offer in a positive, modern manner and tone that matches the quality of what it is you’re promoting. If it doesn’t match, it’s more than likely losing you business.


It’s a 24/7 Selling Machine

Your website doesn’t need sleep, days off or bank holidays. Your website is eager to be found 24/7 hours a day 365 days a year.

Use it to your advantage. Put a chunk of time, effort & investment into your website the same as you put into your offline marketing. A good website will generate enquiries for years to come, so why ignore it? After all, it could be one of the best performing investments in your business with a bit of love.


It’s a Business Asset, Not an Expense

Many people think of websites as a marketing expense, it’s not. Your website doesn’t run out at the end of the month, it doesn’t expire, it doesn’t have to fit in with someone else’s advertising guidelines.

It’s yours, you own it and everything on it. It’s a business asset, something that if you work hard on, will generate your company regular enquiries without you even being awake.

Imagine how much more valuable a company is if it includes a website that every month brings in an X amount of revenue from organic search results each month that doesn’t cost anything?

Your website can be a money machine, but only if you want it to be.


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