7 Mistakes That Result In Losing Great Employees

Last week was a bad week for your business; you lost an invaluable employee to another company. You offered a raise but they looked past it and packed up. You are now in the market for a replacement employee who you need to be better than the last.  It has become increasingly difficult to get a hold of good employees. Reliable, committed to their work, efficient and commendable. In the same way, it is also very difficult to keep these employees if they do not like your work environment.

Every company, big or small is out to the hunt for employees. Excellent performers, never late to work, minimal complains and outstanding results. What they do not realize is that every great employee out there is looking for a good and conducive work environment. Now does your company have the necessary environment to accommodate these employees? Most employers believe that as long as they are paying, the job should get done; I know you believe salary justifies the means.

After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that the following seven reasons are the biggest mistakes that companies make and end up losing valuable employees.


  • Too many unnecessary rules and regulations

First and foremost, every boss ought to know that the people you hired are full grown humans who deserve respect and should be treated as rational beings capable of making decisions and doing their jobs diligently. Second employers need to realize that before you hired these people, you interviewed them and deemed them qualified enough to work for you. So when you then draw up endless rules and regulations for them they feel limited.

We all went through school and it is not an experience to write home about. Well, unless you were the invisible kids or the teacher’s pet. We hated rules in school and we could not wait to hightail it from there and live free lives. When you make your employees feel like they are in jail or in school all over again, then they are bound to underperform.

If a rule is not absolutely necessary, do away with it. Make your employees comfortable and free to be themselves at work.  Trust that the qualified employees you hired will do their jobs without you using whips.


  • Not giving credit where its due

Now, so many companies do not have programs to acknowledge work well done. Rewarding your employees and motivating them improves productivity. When you see your employee putting in their all, acknowledge that effort.

Rewarding employees also create a competitive work environment which is healthy for your business. Once you acknowledge one person, others will step up their game so as to get noticed too. If this isn’t a great remedy for productivity, I don’t know what is.


  • Suffocating your employees potential

I call it suffocating because you are virtually strangling their potential by giving no room for growth. Allow for your employees to grow and exercise their potential. It will be beneficial for both you and them, but mostly you.

Great employees are always innovating and being creative. Give them wings to soar your business even higher and they will show you that there are more than one ways to skin a cat, so to speak. Listen to their ideas and give those ideas room to bloom and grow into more profits and growth for your company. It most certainly cannot be so hard to loosen the reins just a little and allow for someone else’s idea to take the lead. Offer your employees state of the art training courses to expand their horizons.

  • Communication barriers within the organization

For your company to succeed whether you like it or not, you are going to have to put in place functional communication channels. Everyone has a right to be heard even if they are at the lowest ranks. Putting in place efficient and effective communication systems in your company ensures that everyone is in the know. You won’t find anyone giving the ‘I didn’t know’ excuse.

Communication works in two ways, you give information and also receive information. Now, ensure that your employees are well aware of everything that happens in the company and that way they will extend you the same courtesy and inform you of everything. Practice openness in short and keep an open mind when running a business.

  • Lack of well laid out plans and tasks

If you do not want to provide any room for laxity in your company, here is your weapon. Simply set targets that must be achieved and give them a timeline to ensure that they are met. This greatly improves customer service and also keeps your employees on their toes, in a good way.

Ensure that your targets are realistic and at the end of it, reward to motivate your employees. These give employees a sense of completion and achievement and believe me, that is a rush that you want to keep in your employees.


  • Accepting poor performance

Not everyone can be great but that great employee at the corner watching you give one too many passes to an employee that is underperforming does not like it. When you keep rewarding poor work instead of insisting on improvement, the good workers will feel taken advantage of. They will also tend to underperform after all Jack did not get fired for not doing his job the last two months.

Do not turn your good employees into underperforming employees by tolerating poor performance, step up and prove to them that they are at the right place and their work and effort are recognized.

  • Lack of team building

No brick ever held up a house alone, one employee cannot build your business for you. Encourage team spirit in your company so that employees are free to consult and assist each other. Islanding employees will only fail your business and good employees will opt to go to where they feel much warmer and supported.

Engage your employees in outdoor activities to help build them up as a team, your team where you are the coach and have to show your players how to work together.

  • When your company causes more stress than a sense accomplishment

A conducive work environment cannot be all laughter and fun, it comes with a myriad of challenges and it is important to help reduce the stress levels not fuel them. First of all, acknowledge that your employees have lives outside of the company and as we all know, life is not a bed of roses. Cut your employees some slack or risk losing them. If you are that employer who does not believe in leaves and days off, its time you become a believer.

Every employee wants to love their job, I know I do, so be a good employer and give your employees the kind of environment that allows them to enjoy their jobs even if it is sometimes stressful.

In conclusion, if you want to stop losing great employees then stop committing the above-mentioned vices against your employees. Loosen your grip but keep your wits and all will be smooth sailing. Give them the kind of work environment you would want to be accorded if you were the employee and they the boss.

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