One of the Most Modern Warehouses in the World

Below we take a look at the future of warehousing in the Jungheinrich plant. The benefits here are huge and can be seen not only in terms of productivity but also warehouse security and employee health and safety.



My name is Michael ten Hompel. I am the Managing Director of this Institute, the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics.

And what we do here is 100% logistics. We believe that autonomous systems the fourth industrial revolution will play an ever greater role in the future. At Jungheinrich, autonomous systems are already a day-to-day reality.

They are manufactured at the plant in Lüneburg. The basis for the driverless vehicles are the high-efficiency stackers from Jungheinrich. Once the vehicle is fully assembled, work can begin on its so-called “brain”. The result is an autonomous vehicle, that, with the help of sensors and the right software, can optimize working processes in the warehouse. After extensive testing of the assistance and security systems…a manually driven vehicle is turned into a driverless transportation system.

Networked – Autonomous – EfficientManufactured and programmed according to the customers’ needs. For the scientific community, autonomous driving is no longer merely a trend – it is the future. The machines – the stackers, the vehicles and also the robotic systems – are becoming increasingly autonomous, and in the future people will work ever more closely together with these machines.

An example of the warehouse of the future can be found in Landshut. Planned, built and realized by Jungheinrich. Here, over a dozen driverless transport systems …… are controlled by extensive software and only a few employees. All work processes are interconnected – through digital networking for maximum customer benefit. Even loading takes place autonomously. The formula for a streamlined warehouse: the optimal networking of all components – carried out by one single provider.

This is the secure warehousing of the future.

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