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10 Most Amazing Modern Buildings in the World

Architecture is all around us, and when we stop to take a look, is a fascinating part of life. We’ve put together a list of the 10 most amazing modern buildings in the world, so here goes:

Habitat 67, Montreal

Designed and built for the 1967 World Trade Fair, this amazing collection of concrete boxes next to the St Lawrence Seaway remains a masterwork of architect Moshie Sadfie, and is a prime example of how to use prefabricated materials to great effect. Not pretty, but impressive nonetheless.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Considered a masterpiece of modernist design, this quite stunning and completely unconventional building by Frank Gehry is intended to be an artwork containing artwork, and as such succeeds in every way.

The Shard, London

One of the most talked about buildings in the world, this amazing glass tower seems to emerge from the buildings beneath with grace and style, and is a prime example of forward thinking from the mind of Italian architect Renzo Piano. Typical of the excellent architecture to be found around London.

Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Seeming perched precariously upon a rocky outcrop and over a waterfall, Fallingwater is hailed by many as the calling card of Frank Lloyd-fallingwater ukindustrynewsWright, one of America’s most celebrated modernist architects. It is at once beautiful, inspiring and mysterious. Now a museum, it is amazing to think it was once a family home.

Cube Houses, Rotterdam

The Netherlands has never been shy of doing things differently, and these bizarre houses in Rotterdam – assembled as a group of cubes at odd angles – are a prime example of modernist thinking. Inspired by a forest, the houses are all based on thinner stems, giving an impression of growing from the ground.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi 

This gloriously unashamed temple, built in 1986, flowers upwards in the amazing city of New Delhi and has become one of the cities most recognised landmarks. It is truly spectacular, very beautiful, and utterly unique in every way – as well as being a much-used house of worship.

USAF Academy Cadet Chapel

With 17 soaring aluminum spires reaching up 150ft into the sky, this quite incredible chapel is a sight that you cannot be prepared for, and contains three different places of worship within. A quite amazing example of modern American architecture.

Beijing National Stadium, Beijing

Now famous the world over, the ‘Bird’s Nest’ was the central focus for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in China, and is inspired by the ceramic design from China’s history. Both fascinating and confusing, the exo-skeleton design is quite wonderful and is now a major tourist attraction.

NORD LB Building, Hanover

Germany is home to a variety of modern architecture, and this quite spectacular building – built in 2002 – is a collection of geometric glass boxes that are seemingly randomly attached to a central support. It’s wonderful, and is a working space for 1500 people.

Dancing House, Prague

Standing out from the surrounding buildings thanks to its curved walls and quite amazing style, the Dancing House replaced a building that was destroyed in the second world war, and is partly the work of Frank Gehry.

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