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Harling Security is a company that specialises in security fencing, gates, access control and much, much more. With over 20 years of experience in the Education and Commercial sectors, they are the go-to company if you want cutting-edge security products for your premises.


Products Offered:

School gates: the company offers a variety of manual, electric, and automated gates with different designs that not only keep the school secure and align with the school’s aesthetic appeal. Each of the gates has different features, and customers can purchase the basic designs off the shelf while other designs are tailored/ made to measure. Customers can pick the material options, i.e. timber, steel, or stainless steel as well as the finish for themselves. With Harling, the company can ensure that your gate matches the school’s fence and that the school’s logos and names can be included as part of the gate’s design.

school security fencingSchool Fencing: the importance of impenetrable security on the schools fencing cannot be emphasized, which is why Harling provides fencing that is sturdy and durable. The fences are available in a variety of materials including laser cut panels, timber, blunt top railings, palisade, bow top, paladin, twin wire mesh, rebound mesh, single wire mesh amongst other bespoke options which also offer the possibility to incorporate names and logos. The fences can be installed in a manner that makes it vandal resistant, difficult to climb all the while remaining low maintenance and durable. Aside from the aesthetic appeal your school receives the much-needed additional security that comes with including high-quality fences onto the premise.

Bollard and Turnstiles: to control both pedestrian and vehicle entrances and exits, Harling has a variety of bollards and turnstiles that can be used to limit access and control crowds. Schools can choose if they want traffic signals included, the material of the units, manual or electrical operation, internal or external bollards, and turnstiles, depending on their needs and specific educational environment. The turnstiles and bollards can also be custom made and have different features including a manual override facility, integration to any access control system amongst others. Customers also receive a 3-year warranty on parts upon purchase of the bollards and turnstiles.

Barriers: Just like bollards and turnstiles, the barriers can be used to control vehicle entrances and exits. The barriers are available in different control options such as Induction loops for an automatic opening for vehicles, remote/keypad controls, biometric controls, automated opening, and closing timers amongst others. The barriers have unique features design for school environments and are available in a wide range of designs and specifications to fit the school’s individual needs.

Security and Window Grilles: from burglar bar grilles, window security grilles, decorative grilles, sliding grilles, fixed grilles and more, Harling can tailor-make and install security and window grills to areas within the school premise where they are required barring potential intruders and trouble makers and as such ensuring maximum levels of security. From the previously mentioned grill types, schools can choose the between different options such as single and double sash. The grills are versatile with a compact design that is aesthetically pleasing. They are available in many different options with some having multipoint locking systems, hidden fixings, and manual or electric locking. As with other Harling products, the grills provide high security, are powder coated, galvanized, and low maintenance.

Roller Shutters: The team of specialists at Harling can design, produce, install the different security shutters ranging from punched or perforated shutters, airflow and vision shutters, security roller shutters, fire shutters, as well as compact and aluminium roller shutter systems. The roller shutters are available in Off the shelf and made to measure options and can be operated electrically or manually depending on a user’s preference. The shutters from Harling are available in several colours and feature a compact system with manual overrides in the event of a power failure, brushes in guide rails. Customers also receive a five-year warranty on the shutter motor parts. Additionally, depending on the shutter of choice, the shutters have battery backed systems and can be integrated with fire alarms and access control systems.

Steel doors: Harling manufactures steel doors that last much longer than the typical wooden doors and can withstand abuse by school children. The doors are available in the various frame, threshold, and locking options. Which schools can choose to customize with a panel of their choice as well as choose between slimline or fully glazed door options. The steel doors brag numerous features that function to together to ensure maximum safety and security. They can also be linked to intruder/fire alarm systems and operated through access control systems.

Railings: Harling offers schools a variety of railing solutions made from steel, stainless steel, or wrought iron. Galvanized with the highest BS EN ISO 1461 standard, the railings are built to last and offer educational environments exceptional performance. The expert team at Harling offers several vandal-resistant designs that are low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. Schools can choose the railings assortment in whatever height and size that favours their exact environs/purpose.



As a trailblazer of integrated security products and services, Harling Security Solution provides all-inclusive security solutions to several educational facilities. From Colleges, schools, universities, etc. Harling Security Solutions limited have worked with several educational organizations as the company of choice for the provision and maintenance of school security systems to create a safe learning environment. The company is knowledgeable and has experience spanning several schools across the United Kingdom, where they have designed, installed, and managed the installation project from start to finish. Because schools have been tasked with safeguarding and ensuring the wellbeing of their students and staff, the maintenance of their security systems is a matter that needs to be handled with the seriousness that it deserves. Harling’s have the specific experience and expertise required for the said maintenance process and are capable of doing it with minimal disruptions and at an affordable cost. They have and continue to proactively help schools prevent and improve responses to crimes such as vandalism, burglary, theft, and arson. Harling will efficiently and effectively audit and identify any weak points/ potential risks areas on the school site and environments and offer the proper cause of action that can be taken to rectify this. The company’s expertise and capabilities align with its values of and as such, facilitate the ability for schools to really focus on what is important as opposed to having to worry about potential security threats.

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