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Programmatic Advertising Case Study: It’s Just Cricket

Serene Media is a digital marketing agency based in Bedfordshire and have just recently launched a new Programmatic Advertising Platform that allows SME’s to take advantage of this incredibly targeted advertising technique that has until recently only been available to large multi-national companies.


What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the ability to offer adverts via online ad-space on devices (mobile phones and tablets). It can be highly targeted geographically and demographically and combined with AI bidding, achieves incredible ROI through creative marketing opportunities.


Client:  It’s Just Cricket Ltd.

It’s Just Cricket Ltd. is a premium cricket equipment supplier that has a successful eCommerce website and physical store based just five minutes walk from the famous Oval cricket ground, home to Surrey CCC.

the oval 5th test


Programmatic Advertising Opportunity:  5th Ashes Test England vs Australia 2019

With their physical store only 5 minutes walk away, It’s Just Cricket Ltd. wanted to take advantage of the 25,000 cricket fans visiting The Oval for each day of the Test Match. With such a high volume of their perfect demographic customer in such a confined area nearby, this was the ideal opportunity to trial programmatic advertising.

A virtual circle was drawn around the Oval, 1000 metres in diameter and the advert was set to start at 9:00am and finish at 7:00pm. The adverts were simple, bold and effective with minimum text and a clearly defined message.




The results from the advertising campaign were quite simply incredible. An example from Day 1 of the Test Match can be seen below:

Day 1

  • Impressions:  21,439
  • Clicks to Website:  91
  • CTR:  0.42%
  • Media Spend £48.87

Considering the potential amount of people to see the advert over the course of the Test Match and with a Pay-Per-Click equivalent of £0.53 per click, it is easy to see why marketing savvy companies are starting to prefer Programmatic Advertising to traditional Google PPC.

For more information on Programmatic Advertising, contact Serene Media on 01234 910510 or [email protected]

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