13 online tools to improve your marketing & sales

Have you ever researched the main keywords related to your business and realized that your ranking on search engines is not very good? You may not be using the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or the right tools to do it.

Marketing professionals who know their job use effective tools to deploy marketing campaigns whose content has a strong impact. Here’s a list of some of the best tools available to help you do the same.

1. HubSpot Marketing on social networks, content strategy and SEO Launched in 2006, HubSpot is a remarkable tool that adapts to any size of business. It is the ideal platform for content marketing, in order to increase organic traffic and the generation of commercial contacts.

The HubSpot website creator allows you to effectively target your audience by offering relevant content, without requiring the support of a developer or designer. If you use advertisements, HubSpot will measure customer clicks, track visitor impressions, analyze incoming customers, control the creation of business contacts, and significantly improve the return on investment for each campaign. In addition, you can also improve your social media campaigns and maximize their impact. The free HubSpot CRM customer relationship management tool will even reveal the behaviour of your business contacts to you with precision and will suggest actions you can take to improve your targeting. HubSpot gives you the features you need to create and deploy effective social media campaigns, effective content and effective search engines.

2. MOZ SEO To obtain relevant analyzes of search engine rankings Founded by Rand Fishkin in 2004, MOZ boasts a huge database and excellent analytical skills to help you improve the ranking of your content in search engines. most commonly used research. MOZ follows the ranking of companies by search engines and its community of active users offers you a wealth of information on the strategies that work, whatever the target audience. MOZ also offers interesting tutorials that present various search tools to help you master your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

You can follow how your competitors are creating back-links, exploit keywords that rank well on search engines and increase their organic traffic volumes, and you can use this information to get ahead of them.

3. HootSuite Social media management system, to better reach the target audience When your social media campaigns pick up speed and you start to benefit from large volumes of engagement from your fans, the management of your responses and reactions on each social media channel can become tedious. Created by Ryan Holmes in 2008, Hootsuite offers entrepreneurs an easy-to-use platform, allowing them to manage all of their social media accounts and all of their workflows. This gives you full visibility for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube accounts, which you can manage from a single platform.

In addition, Hootsuite saves you time by centralizing and automating your repetitive and routine social media management tasks. You can effortlessly schedule hundreds of publications on social networks, to be automatically deployed at any time.

4. Ahrefs The best tool for back-link analysis and SEO When it comes to backlink analysis and search engine optimization (SEO), there is no better tool than Ahrefs. Outranked only by Google, Ahrefs has its own computer bot which, according to estimates, analyzes a trillion web pages every day and resets its listings every 15 minutes.

The information Ahrefs offers in terms of SEO allows you to quickly overtake your competitors. You will find out precisely how your competitors use their keywords and move up the rankings. Ahrefs can contribute to the success of your business in three different ways: Rapid grouping of backlinks leading to your website. A measure of your engagement with your connections on social networks. Determination of the keywords generating the most organic traffic to your site.

Instantly discover the content that resonates best with your audience and use this information to write high impact blog posts.

5. Lightspeed Loyalty Platform for managing loyalty programs and e-mail marketing You can browse the entire web to find e-mail addresses, but retaining your customers is a real challenge. This will not be a problem for you if you use a marketing platform such as the one offered by Lightspeed Loyalty. Launched in 2018, Lightspeed Loyalty will help you develop your business and your clientele, whatever your profile or your niche.

You will be able to create unique campaigns by e-mail, place several campaigns on automatic pilot and optimize and deliver content adapted to specific audiences. It is the most effective weapon in your arsenal to retain your customers. In addition to a fully integrated points and rewards system for loyal customers, Lightspeed Loyalty also offers you different ways of communicating with your customers, whether by email, SMS or even push notifications through your own custom web or native application. In addition, all your reports and results are calculated automatically, to give you a clear picture of who clicks and opens emails and which campaigns are most successful. Add that no skill is required in coding or HTML: this tool is accessible to all.

6. Google Analytics Indispensable website analysis tool, cloud-based Google Analytics is considered to be the essential website audience analysis service for anyone who wants to sell their products effectively online. It creates the foundations allowing you to improve the return on investment of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

The perfect connection between Google Analytics and AdSense helps you to track all the possible statistics relating to website visitors: age, gender, interests, location, type of device used, etc. If you integrate Facebook Pixel, you can even offer visitors to your website, on Facebook and Instagram, offers that correspond to their activity on your site. Interesting, right?

7. SEMRush The Ultimate in SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Keyword Analysis, and Content Marketing In the Age of Digital Marketing, If There Was Only One Complete Tool, able to help you master organic research, that would be SEMRush. This tool allows you to assess the volume of searches for a keyword, discover suggestions for backlinks, find new content by cross-references and optimize your workflow in terms of content marketing. But what gives SEMRush its value is its competitive keyword research function. Search engine optimization takes on a whole new dimension when it becomes possible to know the keywords used by competitors.

You can then optimize your own keywords to propel you in organic search rankings.

8. Canva Web and print media design tool – without the help of a creator Thanks to Canva, you no longer need the help of qualified creators to produce attractive visuals. This tool offers various tools for cropping images and allows you to filter backgrounds, add infographics and icons with simple drag-and-drop items, and create visually stunning eBooks and engaging ads for any platform. – in printed or digital form.

In addition to the possibility of making your own creations, you also have access to a vast archive of designs, models and images. This will allow you to increase the reach of your social media channels and strengthen your initiatives in blog posts and content marketing.

9. Upwork The best platform to find independent professionals Whatever your sector of activity, there are certainly times when you are overworked and when delivery dates become difficult to meet. Outsourcing part of the orders is an ideal solution, but who should you contact? Upwork allows you to find the independent professional you need.

Upwork offers a wide choice of competent freelancers. In a few clicks, you will be able to find the most experienced professionals for your writing, creation, web development, SEO, sales and marketing projects.

10. Slack For the clarity and fluidity of corporate communications Forget overly formal company headers, nonsensical corporate meetings, and boring emails. Slack allows you to communicate and collaborate with anyone, eliminating the complications and formal procedures that generally slow corporate communications.

11. Yoast SEO SEO plug-in for WordPress, to optimize each page you publish No list would be complete without Yoast, an essential plug-in for This tool gives you useful suggestions for optimizing the content of your page, in order to improve its qualities in terms of SEO before finalizing its publication. You can use it to eliminate uncertainties and assumptions in the creation of search engine optimized publications and thereby improve your ranking in search engine results. Yoast offers a free WordPress plug-in, but there is also a premium version that offers a redirect manager, many different keywords by theme, previews of social media campaigns and internal links.

12. Trello Project management tool that streamlines workflows To ensure the success of any business, tasks and workflows need to be carefully controlled from start to Trello is an excellent organizational tool, offering powerful possibilities for classifying tasks and managing projects. All files, tasks, documents, weblinks and information related to a project are presented in a single and clearly organized interface. The overview of the entire project instantly shows you what is on hold and what requires corrective action.

In this way, your tasks can be permanently added, deleted, modified or moved to other categories when the job is finished. You can even integrate this tool with other systems such as Jira, Evernote, Google Hangouts, Salesforce, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

13. Shutterstock One-stop shop for finding images, photos, vector images, videos, etc. Royalty-Free If you don’t have the time or the budget to take your own photos, Shutterstock makes it easy to find royalty-free content for your marketing projects, whether you need a perfect archive image, a vector image or an archive video.

The platform offers an infinite choice. In addition, you can even access the Shutterstock database directly from the Adobe Creative Suite. You spend less time on downloads and more on creation. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for a competitive advantage. Whether you are looking for support in managing workflows, tracking your website performance, or finding software that is accessible to everyone, the 13 tools presented here can help you work more efficiently and get better results.

It is precisely for all these reasons that these tools are used by companies of all sizes. Choose the ones that best suit your needs: these may have been the tools you needed to take your operations to the next level of growth. Julie has been a marketing writer for five years. Specializing in the catering, retail and e-commerce industries, she ensures that all marketing content is adequately located in the regions she manages.

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