Every day Olivier Cattiaux presents initiatives in the region, people who make us proud. Today we are with Thomas Fenaux, 23-year-old marnais passionate about agriculture. He promotes these trades through […]

Good news! France still attracts foreign investors.   Its industrial appeal even places it at the top of European countries, revealed on Monday a survey by the EY firm, even […]

mcdonalds and uber

McDonald’s Trials Home Delivery With Uber Is this the moment fast food junkies have been waiting for, and also a development that may help soothe a million hangovers? McDonald’s has […]

Donald Trump has declared that the US will pull away from the Paris climate agreement that virtually every country in the world embraced in December 2015. Nevertheless, there’s still widespread […]

Counting The Cost Of Relegation From The Premier League Relegation isn’t the end of the world for a Premier League team but it’s certainly expensive. With the season now over, […]

The last time the Lions visited New Zealand, the New Zealand economy benefitted to the tune of $24 million dollars in cash. It is best known for Dan Carter’s coming-of-age […]

Is The UK General Election Affecting Industry? Mrs May said the election is in the “national interest” and the only way to guarantee certainty and stability in the wake of Brexit. Here’s […]

Productivity Increases – At Last? As the market hastened, finally exceeding the hourly output levels seen prior to the economic crisis, a spurt in productivity increase in the final quarter […]