Quiklii & Decking, An Overview.

Quiklii is a new phenomenon but before we discuss how good this new development is, we’ll give a quick overview on decking.

Decking is a comparatively recent development and consists of ornamental platforms, and patios,  usually of timber, installed over the ground, mostly in gardens or parks or other similar areas. A timber frame is constructed, horizontally, over any piece of land, and boards are laid parallel to give the ideal platform on which to have your barbecues, your relaxing garden sunspot, or even as a play area. Mostly, they are constructed from specially machined and treated timber, man- made boards, and even from concrete paving slabs. Quiklii has more specifically been designed for wooden decking but can be used with other materials.

Decking And Design

The prospect of an area to be covered with decking gives an enormous scope to the landscape designer or keen garden enthusiast. They can be built either with sweeping curves or straight lines, with fancy balustrades and steps, and they can be erected either as a simple patio or as a landscaped feature, often to cover a piece of uneven or difficult ground. There is always the option of including lighting, fountains, and barbecues, which can very easily be included at the construction stage. The actual permutations for design are enormous and can give tremendous scope to your creative talents. Decks have become very popular over recent years, particularly in gardens of private homes, but also in public gardens, such as hotels, parks, and office surrounds.



Decking materials vary, but most joists and boards consist of machined and pressure treated softwoods, with balustrades and handrails also coming in matching and similarly treated materials. The range of manmade alternatives is growing all the time. Many of these are now being made of molded plastic and epoxy compositions, and are manufactured to give the appearance of timber. These, although costing more to produce, obviously require much less maintenance than timber. Stone, slate and concrete tiles and slabs are another option, but would normally be bedded in sand, these would, therefore, be much more suitable for level, or nearly level land. With the growing popularity of all types of decking, the supply of materials has become big business in recent years, with timber merchants, and builder’s merchants taking a large share of the market.


Decking Construction

The actual construction and fitting of decking make an interesting project for the serious do-it-yourself enthusiast.
The basic construction consists of building a level frame and then installing the boards onto the frame parallel to one another. For the more elaborate and ornate decks, however, a skilled tradesman is probably a better bet. When it comes to constructing curves a certain amount of experience and skill is called for. Lighting, particularly requiring outside wiring, for is best left to a suitably qualified electrician for safety reasons, and any plumbing needed for water features and fountains is also better done by an expert plumber.


Decking and Quicklii.

What is Quiklii? Quiklii is a new patented plastic spacer bar specially designed to facilitate the fast and accurate fixing of decking boards onto the joists. You can imagine the scenario, you have built a good strong base, got all the joists nice and firm and level, and now you have come to fit the boards on top. How are you going to fit them all them all nicely parallel to one another, with the same gap between each board?

This is where Quiklii comes in. Designed by an Australian builder of 50 years’ experience, who is also an inventor, the Quiklii spacer takes all the guesswork and slog out of this time consuming and laborious task. Made from UV stable plastic, they are designed to sit over the joists, to lock the boards in place, keep them parallel to one another and to prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating the gap and sitting on the tops of the joists.

They are also designed to fit either 35mm or 45mm joists and a pack of 50 of these simple and timesaving little spacers, will happily cover 2 square meters, although larger packs are available if you have large areas to cover. As with most projects of this nature, new innovations are becoming available all the time, to make the job easier and more accurate for both the skilled tradesman and the ambitious do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Features and Benefits

  • Save time and cost during installation
  • Achieve a trade quality result
  • Protect and preserve your investment
  • Curved top ensures dirt and liquids don’t sit on top of joist which could cause damage over time
  • Secure Fit Locating tabs enable spacer to be securely held in position by decking board
  • Flexible design allows for joist widths of 35mm to 45mm to be accommodated

Quiklii is distributed in the UK by Optimaxx UK and they are rapidly expanding their network of distributors, so it should not be difficult to source them for your next project.

Happy Building, so next time you are planning a new decking project, don’t forget your Quikliis!

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